The Big Happy

David just wants to be happy. In fact, he has made it a personal quest to dispel all unhappiness from his life. But it’s harder than it sounds: he’s approaching thirty, a downmarket DJ by day (and a struggling writer by night), and living in a cramped Manhattan apartment.

His friends are always there for him - or are they? Annie, his closest friend, is getting married to a man David dubs "Rat Boy"; Dustin and Cameron, David’s cohorts in the city, are doing the unthinkable and settling down; and Zach, David’s model of cool, as aloof and evasive as a wisp of smoke, is harboring a secret that could capsize the whole crew. On top of everything, David finds himself falling in love with Jane, a younger woman whose wit and charm are matched only by her instability.

The Big Happy asks the big questions: Can love and happiness coexist? Are we doomed to live out the mistakes of our youth? Do friendships ripen, or rot, as we age? For David, the prospect of happiness has never been quite so depressing.

"Funny and sharp!" - Newsday

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The Big Happy

© Copyright 2012 Scott Mebus

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