Booty Nomad

What do you do when you’ve finished with the love of your life?

David’s a mess. He doesn’t know how to get over his ex, the Eater of Souls. He’s tried traditional methods, such as sleeping with a co-worker and looking at his female friends in a new light. He’s even tried talking to his parents - only to discover that they’re definitely getting it on more than he is right now. But the Eater of Souls is still there, like a phantom limb after a painful amputation.

Then along comes the Goddess. She’s funny, she’s clever, she’s beautiful: in short, she’s perfect. But, as David well knows, the problem isn’t meeting the woman of your dreams - it’s managing not to screw up once you’ve found her.

"A lyrical, poignant story of twenty-something love lost." - Miami Herald

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Booty Nomad

© Copyright 2012 Scott Mebus

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