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Once Upon a Time

Posted by scott mebus on 09-16-2012  |  0 Comments

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I just watched the first season of Once Upon A Time. I'm working on a fairy tale musical and it seemed like a good way to get into the right head space. Much to my surprise, the show is like Lost with fables. I keep waiting for Locke to show up in hose and a wizard's hat. Which would be pretty enjoyable if not for the weird undercurrent of adoption-hating that runs through the whole thing. Let me break it down: A boy goes out and finds his birth mom, who comes back with him to his hometown and starts a war with his adopted mom. Which would be fine drama, I guess, if not for the fact the adopted boy talks about how much he hates his adopted mom, and how evil she is, and how she's a murderous witch who's never loved him. Every adoptive parent's nightmare! I'm in the middle of the adoption process and now I'm worried that my adopted daughter will one day team up with her birth mom to have me burned at the stake! It's really disturbing, especially since, despite all the evil she does, the adopted mom really does love the boy. You'd think the kid wouldn't be so quick to toss her aside! I mean, there are perks to having an evil queen for a mom. You'll get into any college you want, for one thing. School bullies will never be a problem. You'll be evil by association, and girls love a bad boy! So I hope my adopted daughter accepts me for all my nefarious ways and doesn't try to destroy me some day. Evil masterminds deserve love too, you know.

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