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Excited about the weekend!

Posted by scott mebus on 09-13-2012  |  0 Comments

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My wife and I are babysitting our friend's six-year-old daughter this weekend. She's recently adopted from Ethiopia, and is so adorable I want to create a Disney show around her. So my question to myself am I going to scar this kid for life? Because I know it's going to happen, I just don't know how. I'm taking her to an amusement park on Saturday; that's a good place for permanent scarring. Maybe the Tea Cups will do it? We're also taking her to a friend's kids party. Westport children's activities could scar anyone. She probably has an allergy or phobia I'm about to discover in the most violent manner possible. Man, I hope not. I want this to go well! Pray for me, citizens of the electronic world. Pray hard!

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